Coldwell Banker Realty

San Francisco

Don Cruz Datanagan

San Francisco District Manager

Broker, Pacific Heights Global Luxury Branch


Don is the San Francisco District Managing Broker of Coldwell Banker. His real estate sales and management career spans over two decades, where he’s been dedicated to providing professional sales coaching, development, and Broker support to the sales associates.

A proud son of a Korean and Vietnam War Veteran, Don was born at Presidio’s Letterman Army Hospital and grew up in San Francisco’s Mission District.

Don is passionate about giving back to the community, where he led many fundraising events, raising hundreds of thousands of dollars, and over 1 ton of food, and leveraged his musical talents to support local charities such as Open Heart Kitchen, Axis Community Health, Hope Hospice, and Contra Costa County Food Bank. He also co-founded the East Bay Chapter of the Asian Real Estate Association of America, dedicated to promoting sustainable homeownership opportunities in Asian American communities.

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Wayne C.

I admire Don's ability to lead, he is always inspirational, positive and upbeat. Don knows how to organize a group, strategize his vision and articulate it well. Don is committed to helping each of his agents with their professional development, their goals and knows how to focus on growth. It was a pleasure and great inspiration to have worked with Don.

Anthony B.

Don has amazing energy and you can actually feel it when he speaks to you. Whether it’s a one-on-one, our weekly leadership calls or the big live events with all the agents, he's very transparent and connects with you in a way that makes you feel electrified and inspired to create results. I learned a lot about sales and leadership from Don through the years, which I now use with the agents I coach and mentor. Thanks for constantly pushing me to be the best and always keeping it real.

Lynda E.

Don is awesome! His dynamic energy and enthusiasm captivates the people he trains and mentors. Don has a unique ability to inspire me while holding my feet to the fire. His coaching has been key to my successful real estate business. Not only does Don have superior coaching and mentoring skills, he gets the job done and does it well!  Thanks for showing me the way and by being my mentor!

Mackie C.

Don is the best motivator and leader I've ever worked for and I look forward to all of the growth that I will experience under his leadership~
Thanks Don!

Anna C.

Truly creative and inclusive manager that believes in working as a team and having a productive and positive environment to grow our real estate businesses.

Eric B.

Excellent at managing, coaching and mentoring real estate agents here in the Las Vegas District. His motivational skills and enthusiasm help get all the ZipReality agents on the map here Las Vegas.